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Quempiri Village of the Ashaninka tribe in Peru

Aerial Photograph taken in 1966 by Chuck Clark of the Ashaninka (Campa) village of Quempiri, Peru near the Apurimac-Ene River and Cutibereni (Cutivireni) Mission.  The earthen landing strip is clearly visible to the right and the Quempiri River is on the left.  Clark was one of the first outsiders that the Ashaninkas of Quempiri had ever seen.  He lived with the Ashaninka tribe in Quempiri, documenting their indigenous Amazonian culture with the photographs seen in this photographic gallery.  Currently, there are plans to develop Quempiri as a ecotourism attraction due to the presence of traditional Ashaninkas, high biological diversity, and the proximity of the village to scenic attractions such as Stewart Falls ("Salto Parijaro"), the Ashaninka Communal Reserve, the Otishi National Park, caverns, and a natural bridge.        


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Photograph Copyright Chuck Clark, all rights reserved. Ashaninka Quempiri Peru