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Ashaninka-Campa woman taking photo

Image of an Ashaninka-Campa woman in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru imitating the taking of a photograph.  Prior to meeting photographer Chuck Clark, these indigenous Amazonians had never seen a camera and were interested in the means by which one takes and captures a photographic image.  In Clark's own words, "Photo of a Campa woman who was terribly curious about the process of taking a photo. She was trying to hold her fingers and visualize something through the hole. She was hilarious. I had just taken a photo in the sunlight, had the wrong f-stop set and the transparency was terrible, but through the miracle of Capture NX-2 (Nikon software program for digitally editing photos), it was partially saved."        


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Photograph Copyright Chuck Clark, all rights reserved. Ashaninka-Campa Woman taking photo