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Ashaninka-Campa Boy with Broom

Indigenous Amazonian Ashaninka (Campa) boy with a broom in his hand.   The broom is made out of a small palm tree.  Unlike dicots, palm trees are monocots and have small roots in relation to trunk size.  Many other indigenous artifacts appear in the above photograph.  There are woven mats which are used to sleep on and to divide rooms in living quarters.  In addition, there is a gourd which is used to carry water and other liquids such as masato (a fermented drink).  The hollowed out log is commonly used to grind and mix crops such as corn (maize) and yuca (manioc).  Note in the background the log with notches.  This is the style that natives in the Amazon use to make staircases for their huts which are often built on stilts in order to remain elevated and dry.   


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Photograph Copyright Chuck Clark, all rights reserved. Ashaninka-Campa Boy with Broom