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The Matis

The Matis Video

The first documentary is a generalized introduction to the Amazonian cultures.  This documentary covers many aspects of  Amazonian life, including hunting methods,  rituals, religion, medicinal plants, and shamanism.  These natives have only been in contact with Westerners since 1976, previously living in isolation from the outside world. Therefore, they still practice their traditional Amazonian lifestyle.  Important aspects of their material culture are featured, including blowgun hunting, making fire using a hand drill and fireboard, and cooking.  Various ceremonies and rituals are shown, for example, the  Ceremony of Mariwin, the Ritual of Capybara and the Dance of Queixada.  Finally, shamanic practices are illustrated.  Right click and download free trailer (rename to .mp4).

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 The Hunting Camp

The Hunting Camp Video

The Hunting Camp documentary is a reenactment of the establishment of a traditional hunting camp by Amazonian natives. Whereas the first documentary is a generalized introduction to Amazonians cultures, this second film concentrates on the material culture and how they use resources of the rainforest in order to survive.  No ceremonies or dances are shown.  Instead, this documentary shows the day-to-day life and material culture of Amazonian Indians, including building shelter, the preparation of food and cooking, weaving mats, the manufacture of curare poison from the native vine, and blowgun hunting. These Amazonians demonstrate their remarkable knowledge and use of the resources of the Amazon Rainforest.  Right click and download trailer.

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Guardians of the Rainforest

Guardians of the Rainforest Video

The third documentary of the series takes over where the second film (The Hunting Camp) leaves off, showing demonstrations of making ceramics, extracting dyes used in body painting, making snail shell nose and ear ornaments, making ritual body piercings, and the preparation of medicinal drinks.  In addition, the documentary demonstrates body painting and several associated ceremonies and dances. Many of the rituals practiced by the Amazonian Indians involve native animals and show their unique relationship with the animals of the Amazon Rainforest.  Indigenous Amazonians such as these have been living in harmony with the Amazon Rainforest for thousands of years and the key to saving the rainforest lies with its native people.  Right click and download trailer.

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The Shaman's Way

The Shamans Way Video

Filmed in widescreen, high definition format, The Shaman's Way allows the viewer to experience Amazonian natives as if one was actually there. The Shaman's Way deals exclusively with ceremonies and shamanism. In particular, this documentary focuses on the relationship of animals to Amazonian shamanism. Specifically, a poison frog ceremony is featured, that is not shown in any of the other four documentaries in the series. Amazonian natives believe that animals have souls and Amazonian shamanism is intimately linked to Amazonian animals.  Download trailer.

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Last of the Hunters

Last of the Hunters video

The final documentary of the series documents the technology that the Amazonian Indians use for hunting in the Amazon Rainforest. Although they use both blowguns and bows and arrows, these hunters are specialists in the use of blowguns that measure four meters in length.  The blowguns are truly works of art in addition to being precision instruments. First, the documentary demonstrates how poison darts are made, including the application of curare poison to the darts.  Then the surprisingly complex preparation of blowgun darts is illustrated.  Next, these Amazonian Indians demonstrate how they use their blowguns in the jungle. Finally, they show their skills as hunters in the rainforest by stalking and successfully capturing prey using their blowguns.  Download trailer.

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Genre:  First and foremost, these documentaries are educational, showing how important it is to preserve the Amazon and its people. These documentaries are presented in a unique format using subtitles to explain what the viewer is observing, making for a much richer viewer experience. In order to preserve the original soundtrack, no music or narration has been added. This allows one to clearly hear the exotic language of the natives and the sounds of the jungle, creating an ambience in which the viewers feel like they are actually with the native community in the Amazon Rainforest. These are not “reality show documentaries” that feature the standard plot in which Westerners are forced to undergo difficult initiation rites by natives and then “become one with the tribe.” No Westerners are featured in these documentaries and the cast are real indigenous Amazonians who prior to their first contact with Westerners in 1976, lived in isolation in the Javari River Valley on the Peruvian-Brazilian border.  Each documentary contains original material of authentic Amazonian natives with no replication of footage between various documentaries in the series. 

Copyright:  These films have been produced and marketed with the full authorization of each member of the cast.  In addition, each of these documentaries have been certified and registered (No. 001891-2011) by the Dirección de Derecho de Autor (Copyright Office of the Peruvian Government) and the copyright of these documentaries is fully recognized by the US Copyright Office.       

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