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Where are the most culturally-intact Amazon Indians located? Many are located in the frontier areas of Peru and Brazil. As a former resident of the Peru-Brazil border area, I highly recommend taking the time to explore the frontier. Here you will find virgin primary rainforests and rarely visited indigenous communities. The tribal land of the Matsés Indians on the Galvez River is an excellent area to experience pristine rainforest and real Amazon natives. In addition, please refer to my articles on the Matis, Marubo, Mayoruna, and Ticuna Indians.

How can you visit "real" Amazon Indians? The best way is to contact the indigenous tribes directly rather than using middle-men such as commercial guides. Generally it is much more economical, guarantees you will meet authentic natives, and makes sure the indigenous people receive something for their efforts to teach you about their culture. I have collected materials that will help you plan your visit to the Amazon and have made them available in the Member's Area.  Here you will find many maps, indigenous dictionaries, books, and other educational resources to help make your journey a success. All I ask is that you purchase my documentaries which will help you learn about real indigenous Amazonians and show you exactly what you might expect to experience during your encounter.


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