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Marubo Tribe - Tattoos similar to Matses

Explorers Club Amazon Expedition

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At one point the expedition participants found themselves stranded, paddling down the Amazon River after the boat motor seized and was unrepairable. Although the conditions were difficult with the frequent torrential rains and despite boat motor problems, the expedition was a success in that we were able to successfully dispense free eyeglasses to all the indigenous peoples that requested eye care.  Some of the Amazonian natives had severe myopia and astigmatism, being practically blind before being fitted with glasses by this medical expedition.  Medical aid such as this, can change their lives, allowing them to see and live a normal life.  Many recipients of the free corrective lenses will always remember how they were aided by this expedition.  For more information about this medical mission and to see more photos of this expedition, visit the Explorers Club Photo Gallery.

Extraordinary documentaries of this and other expeditions to the Matis Indians are available for purchase.  If you would like to learn how you can meet Amazonian Indians and learn about their native cultures, buy a documentary and become a member, thereby gaining access to free maps, magazines, books, videos, and indigenous dictionaries. 

The author of this article, Dr. Dan James Pantone, is the editor of and the founder of the Movement in the Amazon for Tribal Subsistence and Economic Sustainability, a nonprofit association that has been actively helping native Amazonians for many years so that they themselves can preserve their culture and lands in a sustainable and independent manner.


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