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Shipibo Indian Legend - Bari Rahua

Shipibo Indian Legend

Bari Rahua & The Discovery of the Grand Cosmos - Page 2 of 4

Being spellbound and curious, Bari Rahua did not let go of the tail. He found himself in the interior of the earth and realized that the tail of the yanguturu had taken him there. After a while when the air began to become exhausted, the yanguturu left for the surface, taking Bari Rahua with it. Now on the surface, Bari Rahua stood up and meticulously observed the place which was strange yet marvelous.
"Where am I?" he asked himself. And attempting to find some sign of life, he walked a long ways, arriving at a great river. There he only heard the sound of the river current, the singing of birds, and the howling of animals.
Tired of walking, he sat down on the bank of the great river. Suddenly, he was surprised by a parrot landing in a nearby tree. "My friend! Could you please tell me where I am," he asked the bird. The parrot explained, "You are in Heaven, my brother. This great river that you see before you is Heaven. The river flows to where the Sun sets. Many beings live here, including the seven goats and other creatures." Then the parrot flew off into the thicket.


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