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Shipibo Native Cosmology

Shipibo Native Cosmology

Bari Rahua & The Discovery of the Grand Cosmos - Page 3 of 4

Shortly after the parrot left,  he heard voices in the distance.  Soon he saw a boat and inside were seven goats, just as the parrot had told him. As the boat was passing in front of him, he pleaded, "Friends! Friends! Help me. Please take me with you." The seven goats responded, "Friend, we can not pick you up or take you with us because in our canoe only seven beings can fit. Therefore, we are not authorized to take any one else as ordered by the Father Sun." Despite his pleads to take him with them, the boat with the seven goats traveled down the river without him.
He waited there for a short time and in the distance he saw a great boat on the river and inside he saw various persons. "Friends! Friends! Help me," pleaded Bari Rahua. Upon hearing his pleads, the boat full of friendly men approached him and they invited him to come aboard.
"Welcome aboard," said one of his rescuers. The boat proceeded on its journey. Now inside the boat, he became keenly aware of the situation. "You are in the boat of the Father Sun," he was told. "There in back inside the Pamacari (cabin) our master is resting. We cruise this river every day. Sometimes, when it rains and there is a lot of lightning, we moor the boat until the storm passes."


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