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Shipibo Tribe Legend

Shipibo Tribe Legend

Bari Rahua & The Discovery of the Grand Cosmos - Page 4 of 4

Bari Rahua observed that in the front part of the boat there were fourteen oarsmen, all of them black in color. In the center, there was a great Pamacari and in the stern there was only one man, the helmsman. From time to time llama tongues came out of the Pamacari.
He was told, "We are the men of the Sun. You will ask why the oarsmen are black in color. This is because they are so close to the Father Sun. The helmsman only has a black head, as the rest of his body is covered by the Pamacari. We are known in your world as vultures and the helmsman as the Garza Manshaco (a type of heron with a black head)."
In this way, our friend Bari Rahua traveled constantly on the great river (Heaven). According to this Amazon legend, now Bari Rahua was one more of the crew of the men of the Father Sun.

- A Shipibo Legend as told by Joni Panocan Bebanni
- Translated by Dr. Dan James Pantone


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