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Shipibo Legend - Bari Rahua

Shipibo Indian Legend

Bari Rahua & The Discovery of the Grand Cosmos - Page 1 of 4

The ancient Shipibos had the concept that the earth was flat. If you wanted to go heaven, you only had to travel to where the Sun rises or sets. They thought that the earth was fixed and that all around it other worlds rotated.
According to this Amazon legend, one day Bari Rahua was getting ready to go hunting. While he was preparing his hunting gear, he told his wife, "Woman! I'm going hunting. Take care of the children. Don't let them go very far from the house." In those days, it was common to make requests such as this because there were many beings with supernatural powers. Many of these sorcerers transformed themselves into human beings or family members and easily kidnapped their victims who were never to be seen again.
Bari Rahua was hiking in the hills trying to clear his head when suddenly he heard a noise that came from underneath a fallen tree and beneath it he could see something that was moving. "Wow!" exclaimed Bari Rahua. "It seems like a tail of a yanguturu (armadillo)." With the idea of catching it, he came close and grabbed the tail and pulled it. To his surprise, he began to slowly descend and enter the interior of the earth.


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